You've got questions. I do too. We're all just trying to figure this living business out. I'd love to help you with this. Here's what you should know about my readings though. I believe that the most important part of information is its integration into our daily lives. Otherwise, how could it have any impact? I want to help you be more fully engaged in your present day-to-day life - my future sight is foggy at best. My readings work as a mirror - something that draws elements of your present to the surface so that you can get to the business of doing the work you need to do to make that desired future fall into your lap. I don't know what day that tall, handsome, mysterious stranger is going to sweep you off your feet, but I can tell you what areas you should be focusing your attention and development so that you're ready for them whenever they do show up. I probably won't be able to tell you if you're gonna get that promotion or get hired, but I can help you discern and determine where you're holding yourself back and how you could tackle your work life with renewed vigor. More than likely, I can't see whether that loved one's health is going to improve or how long they're going to be around, but I can show you how best to show up for them and yourself in these trying times.

We aren't here to know all the answers. We're here to make mistakes and figure things out and puzzle over the intricacies of our life. Let's figure this stuff out together.

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