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Imbolc Ritual

Imbolc (ee-molc) marks the midway point through the dark half of the year. It is the passing of winter and the first whispers of spring. The original Imbolg, meaning “in the belly” or Oimelc “milk of ewes” marks the lambing season in the Celtic pagan calendar. It is a powerful time for cleansing and purification both inner and outer, utilizing the renewing power of the strengthening sun as new life begins to stir. I like to think of it as the seed, deep in the earth, straining and splitting with the plant growing from it - we may see nothing on the surface yet but growth is beginning. This holiday is particularly sacred for Brigit, the Celtic fire goddess who rules not only smithcraft and poetry but also healing and midwifery. The rule of thumb is that if you can make it with your hands, Brigit rules it. Think of it as New Year’s Resolution, part two, but this time with the primal force of the seasonal cycle to support and nourish your efforts and intentions.


In our ritual, we will be utilizing yoga nidra and hypnotic trance induction to set the stage for gentle introspection and inquiry, honoring the seasons and growth and harvest of the previous cycle and taking stock of the soil from which we are moving into the coming year. What could your intentions be if they were freed from a hurried hustling toward an intended future ideal self where you’re finally “getting it right” or “doing it better”? Instead of finding ourselves awkwardly balancing on the teetering edge between moving forward (progress) and falling backwards (failure), what if we spread out and took up room right where we are? What options and pathways are available when we can release our white-knuckled grip on the tiller of our ship? From stilling and movement inward, we will use candle magic to not only commemorate the growing light and heat of our sun but to set and send intention and energy into the field of our futures together. The better we all do, the better we all do.


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